Crowell Upholstery

Chesterfield Sofa

This Chesterfield Sofa is a classic. In the Seinfield TV show George Brenner's (Yankee Owner) office has two of them. I hand tufted it with Full Top Grain Leather that was Analine Dyed and hand finished for a durable lasting leather. Solid Brass nailhead trimming is used to prevent rusting. Working in a leather shop called Tulsa Leather on the Cape when I was young gave me an edge when working with leather. I have all the tools and supplies for this work.


Couch before restoration begun

Before picture shows discoloration from someone trying to dye it to cover cracks. That was a waste of money for this customer.

The Hyde

New Leather

Picture of upholstery hyde waiting to be cut up. Upholstery hydes are specially tanned for upholstering. No garment types can be used.


Button Work

Button work galore. Lot's of heavy duty twine used for strong button tying.


Finished Couch

Finished Chesterfield ready for delivery.

Love Seat

Below is the restoration sequence of my work on an old love seat that was in a leaking barn for years. Pieces of the Bee Hive spindles were missing. Wood rotted, dowels broken, and frame parks cracked. Blackened wood had to be bleached natural then finished. All new natural hair, cotton, and springs were used to restore it to original condition.

Bare Bones

Couch before restoration begun

This picture taken during busy day taking this piece down. Old rotted hair, cotton, and springs were thrown out

Frame Assembled

Frame Assembly

Frame is aligned and clamped into place.

Finished Seat

Finished Love Seat

Finished piece in its happy home.